Results up soon

I have neglected the results they will be up Thursday by noon. Family matters.

Remind me to send that storm a thank you card for holding off until the race was over! Amazing timing.

Thanks for racing!


3 responses to “Results up soon

  1. Wisht I had me uh MTB! Maybe ah’ll come scope the course ‘n’ see if I feel stupid enuff to take my Salsa Vaya on it. If’n I kin ‘ford me some 1.9″ tahrs, it’d be a fully rigid wahld rahd…

    Racing starts at 6, hmmm…. tough. Does the Mild division start later?

    • Yes mild starts at 6:04 and we usually run 3 minutes late. Mild is a short lap though so I’d recommend medium starting at 6:02. The course is fairly rigid friendly with but a bit of roots here and there.

  2. Thank you kindly! If I can get out of work a couple hours early (I work in Ware) I’ll be there!

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