I see a large rainy front heading towards us. It’s over Albany now. I’m trying to convince it to catch a play at the Williamstown theatre festival. Or perhaps hang out in one of the hill towns at a quaint b&b. So far I can’t convince it of anything. Stay tuned for more info.


7 responses to “Ew

  1. I probably can’t make it today, but the more I think about this thing, the more it sounds like fun. Since I won’t be able to buy fatter tires for my Vaya before the 29th, do you think 35mm cross tires would work? I’ve spent a little bit of time riding the the more flat trails at the bottom of Earl’s Trails near Bay Road in Hadley — are conditions about like that? It looks even smoother in your pics.

    Why not make my first race ever something out of my disciplines and on the wrong bike? That way, no pressure! 😀

  2. I’m going to try to be there! Can you email a trail map and whatever other info you have? Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Should be in your Inbox. I just peed a little more thinking about that one short downhill on cross tires. Now I want to ride it on cross tires. It’s not that I like to pee myself it’s just… Complicated.

  3. Yeah. I think I know of which you speak. It’s the thing that makes my wife sigh heavily when I tell her where I’m going before I roll out.

    I predict I might be doing some hike-a-bike. Or intentionally take some kind of shortcut to intentionally DQ myself, so I can still have fun while coming in 10 min. behind… 😀 One blessing: Vayas come with disc brakes.

  4. LOVE it. Goes along with my motto: “Look Pro, Go Slow.”

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