Thank you for racing

A big thank you to:

Chris Ethier- He’s got lots of insurance and truly knows how to decorate that first and last corner.  He also is very positive and has made chaos his friend, thusly, things have a habit of working out well when he is involved.

Michael Clapp- Irrepressible and ultra dependable.  Cutting down trees that were in your way, ensuring the classes stay on track at the corner, setting up and taking down the course.  Taking down the course is a buggy and lonely venture as everyone else is eating watermelon.

Rick Roy- He takes great photos and helps you stay on the course at the corner of more laps and finish.  Plus he is a commissioner on the recreation board so he knows recreation and can somehow make sure it happens.  As such, you not only have fun, but you recreate.  Not possible without Rick.

William Cluster- Once again making great things happen.  I’m not only talking about popsicles.  The man has an uncanny ability to make you think you thought up something smart when it may have well have been him all along.  Amazing talent.  The Force is strong with this one.

James Stevens- If he isn’t around, its not as much fun.  He makes me laugh 10, 15, probably like 323 times a night.

Ryan Sinclair- He holds down the fort at the shop so Chris can string up all that tape and what not.  Then he comes to the race and looks cool, knows stuff, does things and gets food.

Megan Healey- She made a whole human being last year.  That’s pretty amazing.  He’s cute too.  I’m so glad I married this girl for many reasons but in this case I especially appreciate her registration skills.  She brings a  level of organizational prowess I do not posses.  She is also killer on the binoculars, ensuring you are all accurately timed.

And it wouldn’t be a race without racers and people who love them.  The cheering was especially exuberant at the last race.  I loved it.

We had a lot of younger folks in the mild class this year and that is ridiculously awesome.  Parents racing with their children and children racing in general is the best part about this race.  I fear that some day kids will not even realize there are great things happening all around them because their eyes will be glued to a portable screen.  So kudos to all those who raced, because it isn’t the easiest way to have fun.  Like everything else in life, hard work is rewarding.

We will be racing next year as well.  I’ll keep you posted on the goings on. Think about subscribing to the blog, so you will be notified of new posts.

Thank you for racing.


2 responses to “Thank you for racing

  1. You forgot to thank yourself Pat, the mastermind behind the whole thing. Thanks to all for putting on such a fun series once again.

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