Race Flier


11 responses to “Race Flier

  1. This sounds great! I’m not really a mtn. biker but I’m thinking of giving one of these races a try!!

  2. This sounds really fun…I’ve been thinking about giving racing a try, but not sure I’m ready for the root66 or efta races…how many miles per lap? Do any women compete?

    • Hi! This is truly a great race for people who want to give racing a try. A lap is about three miles and there is an option to do a short lap, two laps, or three laps. We have several women who compete regularly and we would like to see more. Looks like spectacular weather this Wednesday. Hope to see you there.

  3. dang!
    why didn’t i know this was going on sooner??!!

  4. Great to hear that you have the schedule ready for next year! Thinking of racing in June will keep me warm this winter.

  5. I heard about this too late last year, and I’m psyched it’s happening again this year! How many laps do the women do? Sounds so fun!!

  6. Hi,
    Wish I were in race shape endurance wise, I take my hat off to you guys, but I know I am more flexible and probably in less pain! I teach Active Isolated Stretching as a licensed massage therapist.

    I have found a pain relief lotion that I would like to share with racers especially at this race. I have individual samples. It has over 12 natural ingredients that increase circulation and decrease inflammation that help joints, above all it works!

    I would love to hear back how I can reach you cyclists with how to share !
    Gloria Moore cell 561-729-7389 802-460-6867 office

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