The 2011 Races

Oh Hi there.  It’s good to type to you again.  I have news for you.  We will be having another series of races next year at Highland Park in beautiful Greenfield Massachusetts.  Same format, same course (except for one little detour that will actually make things more fun), same zeal for post race snacks, same stupid slogan (the “exhilarating tonic” rigmarole), all of it.  We shall have only four races this year.  See the Race Flier. This year the races will be sanctioned by EFTA.  Eastern Fat Tire Association is an organization that races bikes and eats barbecue and has a lot of fun.  I’m in.  So racers will have to be an EFTA member or purchase a one day license for $4.  Cheap.

In other exciting news, we are currently in the beginning stages of organizing a much larger weekend race to be held nearby.  With chili.  And baked potatoes.  Beer too.  The food is the only solid detail I have laid out so far.  Priorities, it’s all about priorities.  Trust me.

Ok then, I’ll have more soon.  Love you miss you!



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