Upon Review…

I liked it.  What we all did was race mountain bikes because it was fun.  Plain and simple.  The intent at the series’ incunabulum was to offer a race that was fun, accessible, local, and a comfortable introduction to those with limited or no racing experience.  I also wanted free food.  Domino’s, Mesa Verde and The People’s Pint came through on that front and that pleases me greatly.  Mountain biking and food.  Amen to that.  It only gets better when you introduce beer and fire.  That’s called camping and it’s tremendous.  If you were to combine camping and Kingdom Trails… Wistfully staring into space now…  Huh?  Oh yes.  Where was I?

As for next year, I hope my situation will be such that we can race again.  There are several great ideas floating around in various minds.  I will post the results of the ferment of enthusiastic discussion I am sure to have soon.  My hope is that we end up with something just like what we had this year, only with more people and that the venues rotate.  And food.  There must be food.

I posted some more photos.  Hopefully no cobwebs will form on this blog.  I am truly excited about the future of local racing so I will be posting regardless.  Granted it may seem aimless and not worth reading, but surely there will be an interesting nugget here and there that you will sift from these superfluous sands.


6 responses to “Upon Review…

  1. Thanks to you and everyone who worked hard to put on this series! I only started MTB riding in July so it took me until this last race to make it out, but I’m very glad I did. Great company, lovely environment, fun trails — and food, of course! See you all next year if not sooner. I loved riding over the hill from my house (Cheapside), but it was so fun that I’d travel to other venues if that’s how it shakes out.

  2. Major thanks to Pat (and wife and in-utero baby), Jim, Will, Chris and everyone that made this series happen. It was great to have a weekly series that was so much fun and so close to work :). The food was an added bonus but I would’ve been there regardless. Already looking forward to next year. Thanks again.

  3. I posted a GPS track of the course. Could be interesting for people unfamiliar with the course. When I was “training” based on my word-of-mouth knowledge of the route, this would have been handy.


    (Two notes: One, it’s not perfectly accurate. I blame GPS gremlins. Two: there’s no time data attached, but I did match my race lap time with less effort, so that’s a sign of progress I guess…)

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