One Last Thing…

Looks as though the weather has finally capitulated to my will and allowed us to have several races in a row and will allow us to race our last race.  Thanks, weather.  The weather and I have had a few disagreements this summer but we have buried the hatchet and all is well.  It’s amazing how important the weather becomes when you go and schedule weekly mountain bike races.

Seeing as this race will be the last of the season…, we will be doing the exact same thing we usually do.  We just won’t say “see you next week” or anything like that.  Actually, we will be going a little bigger on the snack front.  We are upgrading to burgers.  Crazy.  Oh, and perhaps corn on dah cobs as well.  So long as Chris’ cajun cooker inferno works as planned, we’ll be all set.  I love a cookout.

I hope to see you there.  It’s back to the Fall grind for us all soon so this a chance to say farewell to the summer and to thank y’all for racing.  It’s also a chance for me to eat a burger.  I love eating burgers.  Truly.


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