Citing Artistic Differences

Mother nature and I have ceased our debate on weather or not Wednesdays should devote much of their time and energy to blessing the rains. I hadn’t a leg to stand on for sure, just the race and my own desire for sunny Wednesdays. She had a plump sack of good points to make. From pollen counts to forest fires to delicious corn on the cob, it was a foregone conclusion that it rain.

Ever a dear caring being, she suggested I go for a run in the rain. I’m going. How do you like that?

And for those of you so keen on spelling everything correctly: I know I spelled whether wrong up there. Really I do. The sad part is I left it like that because I fancied myself clever.

Oh and the race has been canceled due to the danger of erosion to the trail and our faces.

OK bye!


7 responses to “Citing Artistic Differences

  1. whether (with an extra ‘H’).

    Not that spelling really matters.

    I’ve been hearing good things locally about this race series-I was hoping to make this week’s race, oh well,maybe next week.

  2. I’ve been inside your head. Whether it is about the weather or not it was funny. Also could you PLEASE straighten up inside you skull. It’s a freakin’ mess in there. Thank you.

  3. Same story for tonight’s race?

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