Hugh Schatz-Allison is developing a fan base. I over heard several comments to that effect during last night’s prize/hot dog/pizza/chips and salsa ceremony.
All I developed were a few cramps and a hydration issue. I picked a heck of a day to race one of my races. Hot, humid, and attended by faster people than I. I had a lot of fun trying to keep up with them for a while. Once they were out of sight I realized my soul had left my body, presumably to go swimming and get an ice cream cone. I only wish that it didn’t take all my energy with it. Tough race, hats off to all those who raced in this heat. More than once during the race I wondered how in the heck I could be having fun doing this but every time I checked I was having fun so I kept going, soul or not. I eventually regrouped with said soul. Turned out it was at Wendy’s getting a frosty.


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