Hottest. Day. Ever.

I understand some sort of record high was recorded today.  Not at the airport however, where it needs to be recorded in order to be considered an official record.  which is stupid because I don’t know anyone that lives at the airport.  Downtown was much hotter.  Downtown was on fire, man.  Thank you to Al Sleet my hippy-dippy weather man for that one.

So it would appear that it will be hot tamale as well.  I only have 24 minutes left of Tuesday to use that tamale play on words so I’m glad I got to this when I did.  If there is some sort of crazy heat index or severe weather alert and things of that nature, we will consider canceling the race in order to preserve the well being of our cherished racers.  Hopefully the heat will fade just enough by 6:00 to make racing simply sick, twisted, and ill-advised rather than flat out stupid.  Fine line there.  It would be a bummer to call it off because there is something I truly enjoy about canopies, banners, grilling hot dogs, and riding fast.

I gotta go, I only have 15 minutes left before the tamale thing is null and void.  Cannot let that happen.  No way, not evah.


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