Good race, hey.  Good to see some new faces and all the regular faces as well.  Good to eat hot dogs too.  When you’re not racing, you just look forward to the hot dogs, you know?  I’m pretty sure I’m racing next week.  Can’t wait.

Big thank you to Rick Roy for his fantastic pointing skills and striking the loop.  Chris for stringing tape everywhere and all the other things he does.  Deb carried heavy water coolers for my pregnant wife.  Will brought the prizes over, crashed on the way, and still showed up with the goods.  Megan for registering and prizing.  Jim for helping set up, start, take down the everything.  Everyone who raced, it would be quite a boring hot dog grilling bucket of sadness without you.

Also, thanks to UMBRC who inspired the layout of this blog and the use of the word “wabam.”  Love that word.  Good word.  They also put on the Orchard Assault Mountain Bike Race and it’s my favorite ever because it’s right across the street from me.  Bless ’em.  Bless ’em silly.

So the Conservation Committee said we are good to go for another four races.  Turns out they met 30 minutes after I left.  Ever get the feeling someone’s trying to ditch you?  Hmmmmm…..  Nah.  Actually I got my info from a thrice forwarded email.  Never trust a thrice forwarded email.  Once maybe.  Thrice?  forget it.  Ha!  I used the word thrice three times.  That’s funny.  Right?  Nah.

Oh!  The results got posted in the Recorder, did you see them?  Thanks to Matt for reminding me.  It was Matt right?

OK, I’m off to ride my bicycle in a mountainous manner.



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