I wish…

That the weather was perfect. If only the relative humidity would drop to 55%. Would be nice if the temp were in the low 70’s too. Oh and wouldn’t it be just fantastic if there was a 0% chance of precip?? Oh wait, all these things are happening TODAY!!
I either missed the people who came to inspect the trails or they did not show up. I waited in the parking lot then rode the course backwards to see if they were out there. Nothing. The practical upshot of this is that riding the course backwards was incredibly awesome. I never ride those trails in that direction. Perhaps we shall race backwards soon. It was weird. Completely different. Splendid.
So the race is on, conditions are perfect, there’s nothing good on tv, it’s business time.


One response to “I wish…

  1. Hey Pat,
    I was going to mention that we should alternate running the trails each direction. Meaning race the normal direction one week and backwards the next. That way we’d have 2 different race courses. Might shake it up a bit. Psyched about the weather for today. See you at the races…

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