Oh Hi!

Some very important issues have come to light.  I will share them with you.

We will be grilling hot dogs after the race on Wednesday.  We will also have some salad greens and what not.  Along with the usual splendor of Domino’s and Mesa Verde.  I will not lie, I’m pretty excited about that.  Hot dog.  In my face.  Yum.  I told you, very important issues.

The weather.  Weather.com has chosen an icon to display next to Wednesday on the forecast.  It is an illustration of a sunshine with a little itty-bitty cloud covering but a wee portion of it.  Covering the bottom right portion of it, if that makes a difference to you.  There was also a corresponding number representing the projected heat intensity in degrees Fahrenheit.  That number was 75.  That’s right, 75.  If I were to design a day for racing it would look a whole lot like that.  Say if there were a program where I could drag and drop components and create a week of weather, Wednesday would look a lot like it does on that website.  For sure.  Thanks Mother Nature, I have always loved you.

Finally, I am meeting with the Conservation Commission on Tuesday to review the condition of the trails at Highland Park.  This is the big inspection upon which the decision to let us continue the race hinges.  I do not foresee any issues here.  The course looks beautiful.  Thanks for racing and not skidding everywhere!  As far as conflicts go, I haven’t heard of any.  It would seem that everyone is getting along.   Thanks for not running over hikers and dog walkers everywhere!  I see good times aplenty.

Finally, (I know this is the second time I have used that word.  I am not going back and changing it simply because I had a fresh thought.  Deal with it.  Jeesh.) in the spirit of keeping things interesting, we are introducing cash primes for every category with at least 10 racers registered.    In case you aren’t familiar with primes, I will explain.  First, for some reason, it is pronounced “preem”.  It is a term used to describe prizes awarded racers for winning a mini race within the race.  In other words, the first person to reach X wins Y.  Y=$10 Hot, $7 Medium, $5 Mild.  There must be 10 racers registered in the category for this prime to take effect.  Bring your friends!

In conclusion, I look good in red.  Thought you’d like to know that.

I’ll post something Tuesday night about how the trail inspection went.


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