Oh YES!!

Absolutely spectacular!  The weather did us a solid and let us race.  Results are up. Thank you to all those who raced in spite of the not perfect weather.  Sorry, Jude about the not perfect traction on that rock face.

Thank you to: Will for putting up with bugs and loneliness and telling you where to go; Chris for stringing tape and sawhorses all over the parking lot and successfully directing the lap/finish turn; my Mom for picking up and setting up the food as well as providing the all important binoculars and cowbell; Jim Stevens for announcing, setting up and striking pretty much the entire course; Megan and Kim for arranging papers and getting you all registered and timed; my Dad for getting his chainsaw running, coming out to the race and getting rid of the log you almost had to bunny hop (would have really slowed things down); Macy (spelling?) for hoola hooping.  Without these people, no race.  That would suck.

People’s Pint.  Mesa Verde.  Domino’s Pizza.  Love them.

Bicycle World.

Goodnight, thank you for racing.


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