Really? It’s not raining any day but Wednesday this week? That’s how it’s going to be? OK. That just seems ridiculous, you know? This post is full of questions? I should go get some coffee so I can think about this and stop with the question marks?
Should I try to reschedule this race for tomorrow? Yes? Will anyone show up if I do that? Will you leave a comment to that effect? Can I get an AMEN?

Spread the good word! I’m calling some people and getting a rain date up in here!! And some coffee. Stay tuned.


3 responses to “RUFKM??

  1. I will try to make it to a rescheduled Thursday night race. I have a prior obligation. Not sure if I can finish up in time for the race. -Andy

  2. I should be able to make it to a Thursday night race if you re-schedule. I think it would definitely be better to re-schedule if enough rain falls to make the trails muddy. I wouldn’t feel right racing on muddy trails in that park, wouldn’t want to upset any of the other users. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I’ve been checking the radar all day long. The rain should not be all too bad this afternoon. Besides the trails are likely already somewhat muddy from earlier this week. Maybe let’s just have the race? Would enough people show up? Whatever you decide, I would be there Thursday too.

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