Congratulations: It’s A Race!!

I can’t even describe to you how great it was to see everyone leave the starting line tonight.  The sound of your knobby tires humming down the dirt driveway is something I will never forget.

Thank you to Rick, Barb, and Dominic for volunteering to marshal.  They pretty much rock my socks off for hanging out in the woods helping us all out.  Thank you!!!

Megan is the greatest registration table girl EVER!!!

Thank you Bicycle World for putting this whole thing on.  Chris Ethier (owner for like, a million years) had no hesitation backing this whole thing up.  Will Cluster (manager) has this uncanny ability to make great things happen all around him  (I’m serious, not only is he an excellent mechanic, but he somehow made porterhouse steaks appear in the shop fridge by way of some bazaar barter situation).  Ryan Sinclair (oh so spec savvy) just shows up and like, wabam, we look cooler.  Then there’s Jim Stevens who makes me laugh so hard, I have spit beer through my nose, cracked my teeth on my handlebars from doubling over laughing while riding, and once I peed a little in my pants.  How can a race not be fun with these people?

Mesa Verde and Domino’s Pizza provided the snacks for this race.  Bless ’em!

Next week we will address the confusing lap/finish sign turning situation, and the “second left” syndrome that overtook a few participants.  We will also get it together quickly with the prizes situation after the race.

All in all, a smashing success.


10 responses to “Congratulations: It’s A Race!!

  1. Hey Pat, and all involved, it was a great race! Loads of fun and very well organized. Kudos to you all for getting this up and running. It’s so nice to have a local race series that’s easy to get to and so much fun. Looking forward to the rest of the summer. Thanks again.

  2. hey Guys, Great Race!!!!!! just wishing my boy could have finished. He rides the trails all the time and took a good spill last night and broke his ring finger on his right hand in 4 places. Poor guy! He asked the Dr when he could ride ,as soon as they told him about the break. Typical guy! He is hoping to volunteer. I’m sure he will get in touch with you. Hopefully he can get back on and get ready for his Big 24 hrs race in Aug.
    Thanks again for a great time and all the work involved! drop us a note if you need help we are more than willing to volunteer!~

    • Thank you! It was a great race! Every one always says it’s not really a mountain bike race unless there’s a little blood, but Jacob really took it to the next level. Try to keep the bones in tact, will ya? Jeesh. Hope that thing heals quickly.
      I would love it if you volunteered, we can always use the help. Especially people familiar with racing. Seems those people familiar with it are always busy racing!

  3. The course is AWESOME! Wednesday night races will definitely get me over the midweek blahs. I have race video footage, from the riders point of view, of the first lap. My camera’s SD card should have had enough memory to record the entire race, but somehow shut off shortly after lap one. Must be a problem with the camera settings, not sure….

    In any case, I’ve had some technical problems uploading the footage to the Cycling Dirt website. Just as soon as they figure out the problem, I’ll post another comment here with the link.

    thanks to all the organizers and sponsors!

  4. Great footage Andy. Thanks for posting. Hope to see you back at the race this coming week.

  5. I have some pics from the first race. They are on my facebook acct. I’m not sure how I can share them here?

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