The Natural Order Of Things

Storm cleanup on the race course went extremely well Sunday.  We were fortunate that there were few trees down.  Will, Mike and I spent four hours trimming overhanging branches and clearing debris.  The weather was splendid, the company was great and the work went smoothly.  Wow, another aspect of mountain biking that’s fun.  We’ll have that park looking good this summer.

It was brought to my attention by a very nice dog walker that we are upsetting the natural order of things by having this race.  We had a great conversation on the carriage road by Bear’s Den Rd.  He is concerned with and a little confused as to how long the race would last.  His other concern is, since we are getting exclusive use of the park for the race, what’s to prevent everyone from doing it?  It was great to run into him and fortunate that he was there when we were.

First, The Licensing Commission will prevent a take over of the park.  We had to go through quite a process to get these races permitted.  These folks can put the kibosh on anything they want.  They are looking out for everyone.

I am posting an announcement in the kiosk at the park informing other users of the facts, which are: the race will be set up at the pond and start at 6:00pm; the race is designed to last for a period of sixty minutes; we will be racing most trails in the park with the exception of the ridge line; the race has been permitted by the Town of Greenfield; we apologize to hikers and dog walkers for the inconvenience; while it will be a bad time for walking dogs, it will be a short time.

It does in fact upset the natural order of things.  One hour out of the week.  I think it will be fun for people to bring their dogs during the race, watch a few people suffer past the finish line, then go walk their dog as usual.  In the end I think the natural order will resettle and include a group of people enjoying a great fun race for an hour on Wednesday night.




2 responses to “The Natural Order Of Things

  1. Hi, My son is planning on racing but the 530 sign up will be tight. Is it allowed for me to sign him up and he can get there just before the race? We are so excited to have this type of venue in Greenfield!! Kudos’s to all of you who are involved!!!

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