Cool heads prevailed.  We are officially racing bikes in Greenfield’s Highland Park this summer starting June 2nd 2010.  Every Wednesday.  We now have  a ridiculous amount of work to do.  We have to set the pyro, build bleachers, book U2, and find a fried dough booth somewhere.  Actually we don’t.  It’s nice though, to make a list of things that you don’t need to do, that way your actual to do list seems more manageable.  Don’t worry, I’ve got this.

More good news, Mesa Verde and Domino’s Pizza will be supplying snacks for EVERY race.  That means we’ll always have some chips, salsa and pizza to munch on.  That’s a good baseline!  The Gill Tavern and People’s Pint are in as well, as a special guest one-off type thing.  If Mesa and Domino’s are doing every race then I assume for a one-off appearance, that restaurant will throw down and do something crazy.  Competition.  It will be good for us in so many ways!

I will now go forth and spread the good word a bit on the interweb.

We will be doing a bit of trailwork this Sunday.  Volunteers are always appreciated and we will maybe ride the course after we work on it.  One thing is for sure, beers at the shop afterward.  Perhaps the grilling of  food of some sort.  Meeting at Highland Park parking lot at 10:00am.  Come anytime, just listen for the leaf blower.  Bring water.



5 responses to “Success!

  1. I bet there are quite a few trees down. Do you have a course map for us?

  2. Hi guys, I don’t have a trail map but I spent about 3-4 hours last night on the Highland Pond and Poet’s Seat trails assessing the damage. Lucky for you, there aren’t that many trees down on the Highland Pond side but you will need to rake almost every trail. You will need chainsaws on the trail that runs just below Joe’s rock (just before the powerlines; I cleared a walk-around path that should not be ridden), the fire road, the red trail going up to the ridge, the hiking trail that goes below the ridge from the parking lot and of course the giant tree in the road leading to the parking lot.

    • Thank you! I saw where you made that walk around today. The Con Com, DPW and I walked the course so they have something to compare it to in a month when they revisit the race. There really aren’t that many trees down at all, I was amazed.

  3. our crew has already put in serious chainsaw time on the (deerfield ridge, too) with lot’s more to come…it would really say something if the race organizers made sure their stewardship of the greenfield ridge included all of the trails and not just the intended race course.

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