The Meeting

So Chris (owner of Bicycle World) and I attended a meeting with the Licensing Committee and then with the Conservation Commission.  The Licensing folks permit or prohibit activities in the Town O’ Greenfield.  The Con Com (town government lingo for Conservation Commission, nifty) makes sure that no animals or plants will be harmed in the making of this awesome race.

The Licensing folks tabled the whole deal until the 25th.  They need time to review some bylaws.

The Con Com has decided that the race should be allowed to go on and the trails inspected after 4 races to see if the event should be allowed to continue.  Their concern is trail erosion.  I really appreciated their approach, they had concerns, we explained how we intend to address them, and they decide to see how it goes.  I think that is a great idea.  The race does have some potential to create friction between user groups.  I think that we can learn how to get along and, since the race will benefit the participants and the park in so many ways, that it should be allowed.  It should then be revisited in 4 races to gauge the real effects.

So that’s that.  I am confident that this race will happen somewhere, I just hope it will be Highland Park.  I do know that it will be ridiculously fun.  Oh yes.


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