Race Update 4/30/10 Your Thoughts Please

We are not able to mark the course and leave it marked all summer.  If you want to know what the planned course is, the best thing would be to come to a ride at the shop on a Thursday night @ 6:15.  We do a local ride from Bicycle World on Federal Street in Greenfield every week.  It’s fun.  We have a ridiculous amount of fun.  I mean mountain biking is a good time but this is shocking.

I am going to a meeting May 11 to discuss whether or not certain parts of Highland Park may be used for bike racing.  Seems that a few people have expressed concern about it and so now we need to have a meeting.  It occurred to me that while a few may take issue, many are happy about the race.  If you’re happy, you tell your friends or you just smile and wait for June 2nd.  If you’re unhappy, you call somebody.  That’s what happened.  If you are stoked about mountain bike racing at Highland Park in Greenfield, I would like to hear about it in a comment.  That way I could present this information to the people who receive the calls of the few unhappy folks. The positive should not sit unheard while the negative is speaking out.

In other racing news, the Orchard Assault at Umass is May 9.  This is a fun x country race with lots of climbing.  Good Stuff.


One response to “Race Update 4/30/10 Your Thoughts Please

  1. I hope it works out. It will be an exciting summer!

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